SANJIVINI is a registered non-profit voluntary organization that has addressed the mental health needs of our community since 1976. It provides free and confidential counselling to anyone faced with a situation that causes emotional and mental distress.

It began as a small group of self motivated individuals inspired to prevent people from committing suicide. Over the years it has grown into a sizable institution helping a large number of people with a range of problems other than suicide. Today it runs two centers and has become a major resource center for other organizations in and around Delhi.

Sanjivini premises at Qutab Institutional Area

Sanjivini believes that people have the inherent strength and capacity to cope with their lives and to resolve their problems. Yet there are times when they lose their objectivity due to the magnitude and complexity of the situation. Overwhelming emotions leave them confused and helpless.

At a time like this providing an atmosphere of support and empathetic listening helps the person clear the web of confusion, regain objectivity, and discover their strengths. This empowers the individual to face life with all its ups and downs once again.

Sanjivini Namaskar

A society that recognizes total mental health as being vital to its own well being


To be a premier non-profit organization addressing the mental and emotional needs of society through counselling, community outreach and other support facilities while retaining the essentially voluntary character of the organization.

Reaching outů.

Sanjivini is synonymous with volunteerism. Our volunteers hail from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds and form the basic fabric and essential resource of the organization. Assisted by a skeletal staff they manage all its aspects - right from counselling to raising funds, training, evaluation, modification and up gradation of programmes. A commitment to reach out and help is the common thread that binds the volunteers whose motivation is not material gain but the wealth of experience gleaned from sincere efforts to provide succor and hope.

The Sanjivini Family

In recognition of its contribution to society, Sanjivini has been honoured with the SANSKRITI AWARD for 1982 and the DELHI GOVERNMENT award for valuable services rendered in 1998.

Sanjivini received the Sanskrit Award for outstanding Social Contribution In Delhi, January 1983

Though Sanjivini receives a very nominal grant from the Government, it is primarily funded by the donations and contributions made by philanthropic individuals/organizations, corporate houses and community at large. All donations are exempted under Section 80(G) of I.T. Act, 1961.


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