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Post-graduates in Psychology/Social Work are known to have started their careers in this field by joining Sanjivini as Staff. You gain first-hand experience through our training, client-work and counselling sessions. Clinical Psychologists can gain experience by working in Sanjivini’s Rehab-Centre.
Junior Project Officer for Rehabilitation Centre Intern at Rehabilitation Centre The Rehabilitation Centre at Sanjivini provides internship opportunities for students in the month of March. Junior Project officer at Counseling Centre Along with maintaining statistics and reports the job includes attending to telephone calls and managing the roster as well as client counselling work Eligibility Criteria Masters in Psychology or Social work, age 23 and above, working knowledge of English and Hindi and a 2 year commitment. Eligibility Criteria MA in Clinical Psychology. Experience in the field is a plus, but freshers can also apply for the position. Eligibility Criteria Under-Graduate/Post Graduate Degree in Psychology or Social work Minimum 18 years of age Working Hours - Monday to Friday (10am to 4pm) ﷯

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