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Established in 1976, Sanjivini is a registered non-profit voluntary organization that has been addressing the mental health needs of the community for over four decades. 
Our roots go back to a group of committed individuals who set up this organization, recognizing that a patient ear and a supportive environment can help one find the strength they need to overcome the complications in their life. At Sanjivini, we believe that mental health is an integral part of our overall well being, both, as people and as a society. Annually, on an average over 2000 people use our services. 
We are doing our bit to get more people talking to us, and about mental health. 
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We provide free and confidential counseling to anyone above the age of 14
Our workshops and talks cover a range of topics from Anxiety and Depression, Self awareness , Parenting and much more Workshops
Our outreach programs are usually held at schools , offices , slums and various community locations to spread awareness about a wide range of topics on Mental health Outreach Program Our Qutub facility runs a long term rehabilitation program at a subsidized rate to help individuals diagnosed with mental illnesses Rehabilitation Centre
Releasing Judgment and Allowing Others to Have Their Process Increasing Substance Use Amongst Youth We live in a world of judgment. We qualify everything in varying degrees of right and wrong, good and bad, pretty and ugly. The prevalence of substance use today is increasing at an alarming rate, especially for the youth, with an estimate of 50% boys in India having tried at least one substance by the ninth grade (1991). Read More Read More
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November, 2018 Volunteer Intake Program
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 What Sanjivini is today, is a result of one of our core philosophies - Volunteerism. More than what we give, in the form of volunteering, we get back through self-growth, empathy and strengthened personal relationships. We are always on the lookout for committed individuals who would like to volunteer a helping hand towards our cause and make mental health accessible to all.

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