Rehabilitation Centre
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About The Centre
Located at our Qutub Institute Centre, the Rehabilitation Centre provides services for those diagnosed with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Our objective is to help our clients regain their social skills and equip them with the confidence & psychological resources that enable them to cope in the real world. The Centre offers a comprehensive program and since its inception has enabled thousands of people, with mental illnesses, to lead healthy lives. Intake
Programs and Therapies When a client is referred to us, our in-house psychiatrist assesses several aspects, which help in deciding whether the person will benefit from the program. Once the client is considered eligible to join, the family and the client are informed in detail about the program. At this stage, based on the age, level of psychopathology and the social circumstances of the client, a treatment plan is drawn out. The treatment process is started in a calm, reassuring and consistent environment.
Group Therapy This therapy works as the most powerful technique in the recovery process. After many years of isolation, for the first time, the clients come to the realization that their problem is not that peculiar, thus creating a strong sense of belonging.
Individual Therapy The program lays great emphasis on building and establishing a collaborative therapeutic relationship between the client and the therapist, and allows the client to share their problems in a supportive and safe environment.
Family Therapy Families can often encounter issues that can lead to an unhealthy home environment. Our family counselling helps families deal with their fears, confusion, shame, guilt or lack of knowledge.
Support Group To support the primary caregivers of individuals with psychiatric disabilities, as a part of the rehabilitation centre program, we offer support group assistance, where one can get help , share their own problems and offer support to others.
Activity Program In order to encourage further bonding and give more structure to our clients’ lives, a wide range of both, indoor and outdoor activities have been included in the program.

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